A Fresh Start

/// For the past three years, I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve spent more time trying to make this blog have an external presence that did not translate to quality discussion. My perception of writing has centered on presentation more than information. At the same time, I feel that my thoughts and information have little merit due to my lack of experience in the areas of life and ministry that interest me.

However, I feel that the time has come for me to either take this serious or shut it down. Therefore, in my effort to try and push myself in new directions, it is a personal goal of mine this year to contribute more towards writing.

If you read this blog and enjoy it, that’s wonderful and I hope that you will take part in the discussion of thoughts and ideas that God reveals to me throughout this year. My desire is to engage people in conversation as it pertains to personal and cooperative renewal and revitalization. I believe that we all need an opportunity to obtain the purpose that God has for us personally, and that our churches need the information to rediscover their purpose cooperatively. I will not consider myself a seasoned expert on these issues, or that I have gained enough experience to be a scholar; but I am familiar with plenty of individuals who speak regularly on the subject of revitalization without the hands on experience to see it through fruition.

So for me, I desire to make something out of this in 2019. I hope that you would consider being a part with me. And if it does not work out…well, there’s always a delete button!! ///

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