Late Night Musings…

/// The past several days have presented many challenges to our household. As we strive to maintain family order and peace, we are also humbly reminded of the limited control we have over the lives of the others living under our roof. Each one of us comes with our own set of challenges from the day, and each challenge proves to strengthen the relationships being built in our family. But nevertheless, it is in these times of challenge and growth that we become tired and weary.

I’m reminded of the many instances in Scripture where Jesus instructs us to lean all of our weight on Him, allowing Him to carry us through the loads of life that at times seem unbearable to carry. There is no doubt in my mind that God is showing me areas in my life that I cannot carry alone. I’m the type of person that looks at the shipping container clearly marked “Team Lift” and refers to it as a suggestion. I would regularly tell myself, “I work better alone.” Lies. I just like to be in control.

These past few weeks have taught me that standing on the promises of Jesus requires me to lower my position and posture. There are certain things that are simply out of my control. This lack of control does not negatively reflect God’s authoritative grace in my life, rather it gives meaning and purpose to God’s authority. God’s grace is best bestowed when I recognize my need for it.

Let me encourage you few who are reading to embrace the grace of God in your life by submitting yourself to Him; creating a position that is humbling and full of self-denial. We desperately need to release control and rely on Him. The word of God says that he will sustain you in your troubles, and when you grow tired and weary, Jesus will provide an avenue to help carry the load. ///